Chak de Amritsar Flavours

Haven for hardcore food lovers

Chak de Amritsar Flavours

₹ 3000 per person

Let the butter melt right through your elbow in Amritsar… Indulge in some sinfully rich food! Welcome to the ultimate food-a-thon! I am a die-hard foodie…  And whenever I have a major food craving, it must be because I dreamt of Amritsar! That paneer that is softer than cotton, with that rich gravy, black lentils (dal makhani) and hot hot breads like naan, paratha, kulcha, and crispy rotis straight out of the tandoor (mud oven)! The best part of the food culture in Amristar is that it is customary to end the meal with some desert. How can you not love these people?!!  But remember, you would be dunking in all that lassi while you eat…

Stop eating from today all you food lovers – cos we shall have 2 days of binge eating! Heading out from dhaba to dhaba, you taste the absolute authentic spots to eat. And well, the best season to go to Amritsar is the winter – cold weather and hot food! Life is set! You better carry a thick jacket for the chilling weather. In the cold northern winters, wearing a muffle, huddled with locals, and listening to the glorious chants of the Gurdwara while you are tucking in all those devilish delights for breakfast, well, all sins pardoned for food mate!

When some sense of satiation overcomes us, we head off for dose of spirituality for a breather at the Golden temple! There is energy in the air at the temple that attracts scores of people each day who offer their prayers and gratitude to the Sikh Guru. There is popular belief that the temple beckons travellers from all over the world in search of healing and happiness, a voice in the wind tells them that everything will be alright. But, wouldn’t it be a shame if we went to the temple and didn’t eat at the Langar – hot food prepared since the wee hours of the morning and through the day in huge communal kitchens (where you can also volunteer if you feel like), is not just tasty – you feel contended! That shall be food for thought!

This is pure food madness – from places that only locals frequent, to locales that bring out the Indian in you, I guarantee you will come back for more!

And yes, you wanna learn to bake Indian bread wearing that turban?! Get here then!

  • Departure
  • Departure Time
    Arrive by 7:30 AM
  • Return Time
    Approximately 8:30 PM.
  • Included
    Chak de Amritsar Flavours
    Entry Fees
    5 Star Accommodation
    Personal Guide
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    Departure Taxes



How to get to Amritsar:

Amritsar is well connected with North India towns and cities. There is an airport in Amritsar with connections to Delhi and Chandigarh (You can check Skyscanner to search for flights). It is well connected by trains which run from Delhi to Amristar, and take around 6 hours. However there aren’t many overnight trains. It is also well connected by bus services from Delhi and other north Indian cities.
You can reach here on 21st Dec to settle in and see the other major highlights near Amritsar like Wagah border and Jalianwala bagh. Additional cost for 21st stay (Email me for any queries)

Things included:

  • Mouth-watering, irresistible and oh-so-rich food!!
  • Accommodation on sharing basis (hostels/ guest houses)
  • Local transportation
  • All activities and entrance fees
  • Amritsar walking tour

Not included:

  • Transport to/from Amritsar
  • Gorge on some delicious vegetarian food – I guarantee the food shall be nothing like you have eaten before – rich, tastiest ever, and right out of the tandoor! You will be craving for more! You would have never eaten such makke di roti (type of bread) and sarso da saag (a curry)… And the paneer and parathas is truly sinful! You will be a vegetarian glutton – and I’ll prove it!
  • Drink lassi instead of water – they are served in tall glasses and you would be dunking in quite a few glasses in absolutely famous places
  • Taste all the Punjabi specialities – from chole, rajma, that palak paneer, paneer butter masala, and dal makhani, with oodles of white butter on those hot rotis, lachha parathas and kulchas
  • Even for those who aren’t fond of sweets, you wouldn’t be able to resist the deserts in Amritsar. Hot hot jalebis, firni, kulfi and those gulab jamuns right out of the hot oil! Isn’t your mouth watering already?!
  • Soak in some spiritual energy at the Gurdwara that is a revered space for those who need some peace and positive – and of course the langar is something you shouldn’t miss!
  • Chat up with the local Punjabi people – they are known for a heart full of love, courage and generosity
  • Connect with many more foodies from all over the world at the hostel and in every dhaba!