Unearthing secrets of mystical Northeast

Experience the untouched wilderness and mystical northeast

Unearthing secrets of mystical Northeast

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We all know northeast has many places that are unexplored and pristine. So this year, we head off in another direction to another culture and lose our darn sanity over such perfect natural beauty! Northeast is the cream guys! Green forests, hidden tribes, crazy myths and folklore, gorgeous landscapes, peaceful monasteries… Let’s not forget weird and mouth-watering food, a mad gang, some (un)forgettable experiences on the road, and a breath of fresh air!

The rich cultural heritage which is practically unknown to the world and its mystical secrets that the tribes still hold dear, are all there for us to unearth. Complete with conversations with the locals and getting lost in those secret waterfalls and lakes that are a clear spitting reflection of the sky, are all for us!!!

These are areas still untouched by outsiders and tourists. A true backpacking experience through unexplored mystical northeast of India… You know that you want to come!


Details and dates will be out soon!!

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    Unearthing secrets of mystical Northeast