Notheastern Beats Unplugged

Experience the untouched wilderness and the world-famous cultural fest

Notheastern Beats Unplugged

₹ 16500 per person

India’s north-east is still pure, pristine, and untouched. And for many, its intimidating beauty seems just too far beyond reach and just too much! Well, when you mix in some of the world’s best music waiting on the other side, why not go all the nine-yards and garb a slice of that beauty as well. Right from staying with the locals, to munching some of their traditional food, typical dances, and just their simple lifestyle and connect with nature, we shall soak in some of that Nagaland culture and their actually forward and progressive thinking. As a typical backpacker does, we find our way through north-eastern wilderness and small towns across several States to experience their diversity and their undying love for spirituality, food, dance, music and football!

Unlike ever before, this trip is gonna get trippier! The Hornbill festival is where our freedom and love for the road takes us. We dance away to a glorious life and world – each year new artists, even better music, dance through the night, people from across the world, in Nagaland!!!! Well, what are you waiting for – it’s backpacking through the north-east, and the Hornbill festival! You couldn’t have asked for more!! Get packing already!!

4 to 11 Dec
  • Departure Time
    Arrive by 1 PM
  • Return Time
    Approximately 11 AM.
  • Included
    Notheastern Beats Unplugged
    Entry Fees
    Personal Guide
  • Not Included
    Departure Taxes
    5 Star Accommodation


Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, also known as Guwahati International Airport, is well connected with all the major cities of India. Guwahati is also well connected with the adjoining cities and states through bus service - though it is ideal not to travel by bus as the roads can be unpredictable. The best and pocket-friendly way is by train. Guwahati Junction is the major railway station of Guwahati. Kamakhya Junction is the second largest station of the city. Both the stations have good connectivity to all the major north Indian cities primarily.


  • Permit
  • Entry fee for the Hornbill festival
  • Transport (from Guwahati till Guwahati)
  • Loads of activities and games
  • Accommodation with locals and in backpacker hostels


  • Adventure sports
  • Food (there are loads of local northeastern dishes, which varies according to the region and tribe, that you cannot find anywhere else in India. So we could try out different food depending on our own preferences)
  • Double-decker root bridge
  • Asia's second largest waterfall
  • Hornbill festival
  • Camping
  • Hidden lagoons, lakes and caves
  • Swimming in natural ponds
  • Khasi tribe connect - food and culture
  • Local stay
  • Forest trails
  • Local drinks and dances
  • Adventure sports