Madness in Bustling Varanasi

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Madness in Bustling Varanasi

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Varanasi can be overwhelming on the senses but it is a must experience in India and is one of my favourite places! It is excessively hot in the summer, while the best time to visit Varanasi according to me is the winter. The weather is cool, and the food and ambiance is warm. I take you through the old alleyways to show the ‘real’ Varanasi, right from the famous ‘Babas’, offbeat spots, and maddening food! Varanasi, or locally known as Benares, is bursting with energy and things to explore. Be there!

Varanasi is one of the most popular holy city for Hindus and pilgrims. Popular belief that a dip in the holy Ganges river washes away a lifetime of sins. Another belief is that being cremated on the banks of the Ganges, liberates you from the cycle of birth and death. To understand more about the play of religion and culture in India, Varanasi is an essential stop on any Indian adventure. However, apart from its religious significance, Varanasi has an offbeat feel for backpackers and so much more to offer.

  • Departure Time
    Arrive by 11.30 AM
  • Return Time
    Approximately 12 PM.
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    Madness in Bustling Varanasi
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Varanasi is well connected with North India towns and cities. There is an airport in Varanasi with connections to Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai (You can check Skyscanner to search for flights). Overnight trains run from Delhi to Varanasi, and take around 12 hours. Alternatively, you can take a train to Mughal Sarai Junction which is 10 km from Varanasi. There are also plenty of buses connecting Amsritsar to nearby cities.


  • Accommodation on sharing basis (hostels/ guest houses)
  • Local transportation
  • All activities and entrance fees
  • Varanasi city tour (my way)
  • Crazy activities

Not included:

  • Transport to/from Varanasi
  • Food – the food in Benares is way too overwhelming. You would want to try loads of different food. There is no meat or fish or eggs served near the Ganges. So I will point out the places we best places to eat, and you can eat whatever you want that way!
Having explored Varanasi inside out over the years, you would get to see a different facet of this place with me. Being in love with crazy and local experiences. you would get to meet extremely interesting people, eat unbelievably tasty food, and well, the alleyways hold secrets that are not known to many!
  • Sunrise and sunsets at the ghats – it’s a different feeling at both times and a must when in Benares. The early morning ceremonies along the river has a different feel to it. Watching prayers to the holy river is pure serenity
  • Watching the stream of cremations that happen through the day right till evening, is a sight! It is a surreal experience no doubt. Ironically, you think about life.
  • The famous Lassi near the ghats. Believe it or not, it’s more than 100 years old, and you’d be licking it squeaky clean!
  • Walking through the winding forgotten alleyways and a peek into the life of the pundits
  • Exploring the local streets lined with dhabas (local restaurants)
  • Checking in to the popular traveller hostpots bustling with people from all over the world
  • The world famous Benarasi paan (betel leaf) – it is an absolute welcome habit. It allows you to eat till you burst!
  • Chatting up the guys in-charge of the ghats (they're the ones holding the stick. It sounds weird, but this is to keep the burning bodies down. Not kidding. They've got crazy stories
  • Meeting Babas along the ghats – you find many of them chilling along the river all day, and always have an opinion on spirituality and worldly matters. Some of them are practically famous personalities. I'll point you out to those – for you Instagrammers!